The Lafayette Parish School Board may grant leaves of absence to teachers and other employees upon application for leave, subject to such rules and regulations that may be established for the various types of leave.


All leaves must be requested in writing on the Request for Leave form.  Application for any type of leave must be submitted to the Superintendent or his/her designee well in advance of the anticipated beginning date of leave, whenever possible.


All leaves granted shall be conducted in accordance with state law and pertinent regulations.  Any employee on leave who does not comply fully with the stated intentions and administrative regulations of said leave, may be subject to disciplinary action.


If an employee is absent from duty under circumstances in which he/she is not entitled to any kind of leave, such employee shall be considered to be in violation of his/her contract, is not entitled to be paid for the days of unauthorized absence and non-performance of duties, and may be subject to disciplinary action.


Under no circumstances shall any type leave be granted for purposes of seeking or accepting employment.


Adopted:  July 6, 2016



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Board minutes, 7-6-16


Lafayette Parish School Board