The Lafayette Parish School System may grant leaves of absence without pay for periods not exceeding one (1) year to any full-time employee who requests such leave in writing when such leave is in the best interest of the school system.  Leave without pay for medical illness or injury shall be granted only after all paid time off sources are exhausted, including Sick Leave Banks days.


Requests for leave of absence without pay shall be submitted to the Human Resources Department, in writing, at least twenty (20) days prior to the effective date of the leave, whenever possible.


The granting of such leave shall be with the intention of both the employee and the school district that the employee returns to the same position he/she left.  The School Board may reassign an employee taking leave without pay to a teaching, administrative, or similar position within the person's area of certification or job responsibility if a vacancy occurs.  Such reassignment shall be effected in accordance with the School Board's transfer policy and procedures.


An employee who is absent from work and who has exhausted all approved leave time shall be considered to be on unauthorized leave, unless, in advance of such absence, he/she requests a leave of absence without pay and permission is granted by the School Board.  An employee on unauthorized leave of absence shall receive no pay for those days which constitute unauthorized leave.  An employee on unauthorized leave may be subject to dismissal.


An employee on leave without pay shall not earn retirement credit for those days missed.  Additionally, an employee who is on leave without pay shall not accrue annual leave or sick leave during an approved leave.


In the case of an employee potentially eligible for sabbatical leave, leaves of absence without pay shall interrupt active service in connection with eligibility for sabbatical leave but shall not affect tenure rights which the person requesting leave may have acquired prior to the request for leave.


An employee on approved leave without pay shall notify the Human Resources Department at least twenty (20) working days prior to the end of the granted leave of the intention to return to active employment.  A fitness-for-duty certificate from the employee’s physician shall be required.




The Superintendent shall grant a leave of absence, without pay, to any regularly employed teacher or other employee who is president of a statewide professional education organization with a membership of more than ten thousand members, during his/her term of office, not to exceed two (2) years.  The granting of such leave shall not affect any tenure rights which may have been acquired prior thereto.




In addition to circumstances mentioned above, leave without pay may be granted by the school district for the following reasons:


  1. Extended Illness or Recuperation


  1. The request shall be substantiated by a physician’s statement which must state the inability of the employee to work at any type of employment during the leave.

  2. Leave for extended illness or recuperation may be requested only after regular, accumulated, and extended sick has been exhausted.


  1. Professional Study or Advancement When Not Eligible for Sabbatical Leave


  1. An employee on leave without pay for professional study or advancement must enroll as a full-time student as designated by the college or university.

  2. Leave without pay for professional advancement or study shall not be granted immediately following a sabbatical leave.


  1. Candidate Running for Public Office (see policy GAHB, School Board Employees Running for Public Office)

  2. An extraordinary professional development opportunity that would be beneficial to the school’s educational program

  3. Extenuating Circumstances:

    In certain unusual or unavoidable circumstances, leave without pay may be granted to an employee who submits conclusive proof of serious need to be absent temporarily from his/her position.  Such leave, however, cannot be granted following a sabbatical leave.




Employees granted leave without pay may continue to participate in the Board’s Group Hospitalization Program by enrolling in COBRA.  The employee on leave who works elsewhere shall pay for health insurance, both the employer and employee’s share, provided that:


  1. The employee is not on authorized sabbatical leave.

  2. The employee is not on Family and Medical Leave (FMLA).

  3. The leave was not granted as a result of a service-related injury.


Violation of this policy shall result in the termination of employment from the school district.


Adopted:  February 6, 2013

Revised:  April 3, 2013



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:1186

Board minutes, 8-2-78, 9-3-80, 10-6-82, 9-15-93, 6-3-94, 7-19-00, 11-15-00, 2-7-01, 2-6-13, 4-3-13


Lafayette Parish School Board