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The Lafayette Parish School Board maintains that salary deductions which are considered statutory, including federal income tax, state income tax, retirement, etc., shall be deducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Any voluntary deductions desired by employees may be authorized by the School Board, when such action is determined to be in the best interest of the school system.  Said request shall be submitted in writing by the employee.  The employee shall also sign a form authorizing said salary deduction and verifying knowledge of all regulations governing salary deductions.  The School Board does not assume any liability for compliance with governing requirements and regulations.


The following voluntary deductions are approved by the School Board:


  1. Membership dues for recognized professional associations.  Dues shall be deducted only upon receipt of an authorization signed by the individual employee.

  2. Deductions for School Board group insurance policies or other deductions administered through the School Board’s Insurance Department or a third party administrator approved by the School Board or Superintendent or his/her designee.  These voluntary deductions may include, but not be limited to, dental insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, and cancer insurance. 

  3. Shares in the Credit Union.

  4. Donations to United Way.

  5. 403(b) deductions for vendors that have been approved by the 403(b) third party administrator based on a screening process that assures that the vendor is in compliance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations and offers investment products that meet industry standards.  Approved vendors should have participation of at least 1% of the total number of employees unless recommended by the third party administrator to be integral in providing a balanced offering of investment choices to employees.


The School Board shall only be responsible for making approved salary deductions as requested in writing by any employee of the School Board.  Under no circumstances shall special arrangements be made as to the commencement or transaction of salary deductions.


Additional administrative regulations and procedures may be imposed and maintained by the Superintendent and staff to properly oversee the participation in tax-sheltered annuity programs by employees.  The School Board reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the program at any time and to change any of the regulations and procedures imposed from time to time in the administration of the programs, and in no instance shall the School Board or its employees be responsible for damages or claim of any kind of description by any employee or any insurance company for any error or omission of the School Board, its agents or employees, in connection with the annuity program, including the failure to pay premiums, failure to properly apply for policies or any other error or omission in administering the program.


Current practice codified 1975 (File DJCB) Adopted:   September 18, 2002 (File DJCC)
Adopted:  Date of manual adoption (DJCB) Revised:   September 17, 2008 (DJCB)
Revised:  September 2, 1998 (DJCB) Revised:  October 7, 2015



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:438, 17:1184, 17:1202; 17:1315

Board minutes, 9-2-98, 9-18-02, 9-17-08, 10-7-15


Lafayette Parish School Board