The Lafayette Parish School Board shall require, in accordance with state law, the School Board President and Superintendent, as secretary-treasurer, the Vice-President in the absence of the President, or any two (2) officers or persons designated by the School Board, to review all expenditures and sign any and all checks issued in payment of said expenditures.  The signature of the Superintendent only is required on individual payroll checks.  The School Board authorizes the use of a facsimile signature device for those persons designated to sign checks.  The Superintendent shall establish and maintain appropriate procedures for assuring the proper issuance of all checks.  The Lafayette Parish School Board authorizes the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, or the Director of Finance to sign checks and as permitted by law, sanctions the use of a facsimile signature.


All checks under $5,000 will require two facsimile signatures.  Checks in excess of $5,000 will require one facsimile and one original signature.  All checks, other than payroll, will be reviewed by one of the authorized check signers.


Current practice codified  1975 Revised:  December 2, 1998
Adopted:  Date of manual adoption Revised:  October 7, 2015
Revised:  November 3, 1993 Revised:  July 18, 2018



Ref:    La. Rev. Stat. Ann. §§17:81, 17:83, 17:97

Board minutes, 11-3-93, 12-2-98, 10-7-15, 7-18-18


Lafayette Parish School Board